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Financial Statements – Even Your Kids Can Do It!

Learning to understanding your financial statements is a crucial task. whether you like it or not, you need to have a deep understanding of these statements for successful operation in your business. Sometimes, however, getting to a place of understanding can be quite confusing. The following ideas will help simplify the learning process.

4 Basic Financial Statements You Need To Learn For Your Business

There are four basic financial statements that you must understand for your business. These four are broken out into two parts — operating and non-operating. Operating includes valuable information regarding expenses and revenues that are direct results of regular operations of your business. On the other hand, non-operating portion discloses revenue information regarding activities which are not directly connected to a company’s normal operations. The income statement is necessary, thus it helps you to track the progress of your business operations.

Income Statement

Understanding your business’ income statement, helps you easily track the things that you need to improve the next time. Income statements are the compilation of your business’ expenses and revenues within a specific period of time.

Statement of Retained Earnings

It is natural that dealing with financial statements, like statement of retained earnings, for it to be quite confusing because all you can see are numbers. Well, you do not have to worry since there is a formula that you can use in creating such financial statement. The following is an example of the formula of statement of retained earnings. In this category, you can track the changes in retained earnings of your business during a specific period of time. You are now stress free when it comes to making the latter financial statement since you can be properly guided with the formula: Retained Earnings (RE) = Beginning RE+ Net Income-Dividends, which is also called the “retention ratio” or “retained surplus”.

Balance Sheet

It is a list of your company’s assets, liabilities and stockholders’ equity as of the end of the month. By making this financial statement, you can trace which months you have the best operations of your business. Even more important, you must also make sure that the details you provided in the statement are exact to avoid possible problems in the future.

Statement of Cash Flows

It includes the reports of the cash coming in and the cash going out during a period. Here, you can trace if you have low or great level of sales and income with your business over a particular period of time.


To make the most out of your business, you must learn how to understand and interpret the above mentioned financial statements. With this, you can now make your business as a more efficient and dependable money making machine. Furthermore, you can support all of your needs in your daily living. What are you waiting for? Try to understand these financial statements and find out what is possible with your business. With this, you can transform your business goals into reality on a given time.