Building a better relationship between client and bookkeeper

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Clean Accounting Records

It is important to have clean accounting records as a small businesses so that you could present financial statements to  potential investors.

The reason for this is because I usually do not hear from business owners until they have really messed up their accounting system or they don’t have one and need me to create one. I can’t really say that it is a particular type of business that does this because I have helped various types of organizations and businesses.

Some of the types of businesses that I have assisted are churches, nonprofit organizations, retail stores, bakeries, daycare, construction and service types of businesses. Cleaning up financials or creating an accounting system takes a lot of work and patience. Bookkeeping or accounting can be a challenge but you have to have a passion for it to be successful. There is a since of  fulfillment once you have a clean set of books that your client can rely on.

Steps that I take before cleaning up financials or an accounting systems are as follows:

  1. Ask the client information about their business in order to understand they type of business and structure. The use of a generic questionnaire will help to make sure you ask the most important questions.
  2. Review their accounting system and/or financial statements for errors that stick out
  3. Determine what needs to be done and how long so that you can quote the cost it would take to cleanup the client’s books
  4. Depending on the time frame to complete the job, I would give the client an itemized list of what I would be doing

Does this sound familiar?